Wednesday 8 August 2012

"I Remember" at the A-side B-side Gallery

Wednesday the 14th of November is the date of the p.v of "I Remember" at The A-side B-side Gallery. The address is 5-9 Amhurst Terrace, Hackney E8 2BT The night will also be a launch party for a special issue of The Rebel magazine which features 50 people sharing a memory, plus texts by Susan Finlay, John Douglas Millar, Russell Walker, and Kitty Davies, and a free 5 track CD featuring tracks by Trogons, Orpheus Knoxx, The Values, The Pheromoans, Mikey Georgeson. The "I Remember" exhbition will feature one artwork each from... Justin Bailey, Gordon Beswick, Mel Cole, Chris Coombes, Rosalind Davis, Caroline Gervay, Dom Kennedy, Tom Lovelace, Chloe Mortimer, Simon Munnery, Kate Murdoch, Liam Newnham, Christopher Owen, Liz Purchase, Kes Richardson, Alli Sharma, Annabel Tilley, Barry Thompson, Julian Wakeling, Aleksandra Wojcik, Paul Wye. Contributors to The Rebel magazine of memories include Francis Upritchard, Andrew Mottershead, Jasper Joffe, Tinsel Edwards, Abigail Zara Parry, Cuong Sam, William Smart, John Duffin, Gemma Fleet, Tine Frellesen and Uliana Apatina. Curator Harry Pye says: "After watching Federico Fellini's 1973 film Amarcord I thought it would be interesting to see how willing some artistic friends of mine would be in sharing some of their memories. Visitors to the show, readers of the magazine and listeners to the CD will be faced with many different memories from many different people. Some say: "Half the fun of remembering is the rearranging" I don't know how much rearranging has been going on. I picked the artists rather than the work. I am unable to say which memories are true or not. I Remember is both an art exhibition and a publication with an accompanying CD. Don't forget to remember the opening party on the 14th of November."
(Above image by Aleksandra Wojcik from the series "Postcards from my life") The gallery is open Thursday to Sunday 12 - 6pm or by appointment. For more info e-mail: 44787634029 or 447792126195

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