Monday 29 July 2013

(Winter Projects) Siggi Hofer and friends in Elephant & Castle

The best art party / event I've been to for ages took place in Elephant & Castle. I liked all the work and enjoyed talking to everyone connected to the project. Hope you like my photos. The text below is from the press release.
Winter Projects proposes a series of one evening shows. The space is run by Mathis Gasser and Sven Sachsalber. Winter Projects is located in the Heygate Estate near Elephant and Castle. The estate is currently being demolished as part of the regeneration of the Elephant and Castle area. Most of the buildings are empty except for a few tenants who resisted eviction so far. Winter Projects is part of a series of adjacent spaces that the Southwark Council is still renting out. These are mostly spaces that contribute to the community in diverse ways. Among our neighbours are artist studios, a karate dojo, an African gospel church, a Turkish community center and a children dance school Saturday, 27 July 2013 dear neal, siggi and markus I have been thinking and talking to all of you individually, and I do have a concrete idea. I would like to organize a little one-evening show with all 3 of you, because you do match. I would consider having a good relationship with you, I am interested in your work, and your personalities, or the other way round. I bought one of Markus' catalogues at the ICA because I liked the cover. Than I wrote him an email, and he invited me over to his studio. Neal was one of my tutors at the RCA and one day, I remember we spoke about 'Children' by DJ Robert Miles. Siggi grew up in S├╝dtirol - Italy, where Giorgio Moroder and I grew up too. He was a professional Mountain Biker, I was a professional Alpine Skier. I hope this one-evening show will come together well... Sven Afterparty at Winter Projects: Giulia Garbin, Neal Tait and Jesse Wine will be DJing.

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