Saturday 31 August 2013

The Rutles Live at The Borderline

There was no sign of Stig O'Hara or Dirk McQuickly but whats left of The Rutles put on an absolutely fantastic show on Friday night. Pretty much every song The Pre Fab Four ever recorded got an airing. A moving version of the friend George Harrison's All Things Must Pass was also performed. The venue was packed to the walls. It was all very hot and sticky. I've no doubt it must have reminded the lads of their days earning their chops in Hamburg's Rat Keller club. New Rutles Mickey Simmonds on keys, Ruttlin' Ken Thornton on guitar and Mark Griffiths on bass were all on fab form. A splendid time was had by all.
Above: Harry Pye with Rutles drummer Barrington Womble. Barry Wom plays drums on all the classic Rutles tracks and of course sings Easy Listening, Living In Hope and Revendevous.
Above: Gordon, Harry, and Cuong in the crowd.
Above: Ron Nasty singing Get Up And Go Back Home.
Above: "Let It Rut"
Above: A young fan, Ron Nasty, that guy from Eastenders
Above: Barry Wom's Autograph
Above:"Number One."

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