Friday 1 November 2013

The Roar From Behind by Piper's Son

The Roar From Behind is the debut album by Piper's Son and I think it's the best collection of original songs by a new band that there's been for decades. Singer-songwriter Thom Driver has found himself a brilliant team of musicians and the results of their collaboration are an absolute delight. Hearing The Roar From Behind brought back memories of listing to albums such as Little Creatures (by Talking Heads)The Head On The Door (by The Cure)and even Raindogs (by Tom Waits) for the first time. There are so many great ideas, original lyrics and charming, inventive sounds featured on this C.D that I'd recommend it to pretty much anyone.
Piper's Son are: Victor Bock (Slide Bass), Rick Carbone (Synths), John Cheeseman (Upright Bass), Alison Cotton (Viola), Thom Driver (lead singer, guitar, drums, percussion, piano, samples) Jared Fisher (Harmonica), Dave Fullwood (trumpet),Peter Harris (Pedal Steel guitar)Claire Sellwood (singing)
THE ROAR FROM BEHIND is released on CD on 11 November 2013 by Vacilando '68 Recordings.
Full track listing: Mining/ City Ghosts/ Hollows/ By the Hand/ Please Don't Go Backwards/ Fuel/ Autoconversation/ Fingers From The Future/ Bad Boomerang/ Doctor at the Door/ Hiding in the Cinema/

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