Thursday, 6 February 2014

Q & A with Sohrab Crews

"Extra Life" is a 60 page book contains 25 recent monochrome drawings by the very talented Sohrab Crews. The book, which is available on Amazon, includes an essay and interview by Paul Carey-Kent. For more info:
The Rebel: Has being an artist helped you be a better person or made the world a better place? Sohrab: "I'm not sure, it depends on what you mean exactly by a better person. My personal hope is that those who see my work gain some joy, pleasure or interest from it. Perhaps in a very small way the work can enhance peoples lives, though I don't think I'd say it makes the world a better place."
The Rebel: What was the last drawing or work you made that really excited you? Sohrab: "I think an artwork that particularly interested me was the 2012 sculpture titled "173 Jones, The Baby Moggy" (please see the sculpture page of For me it was quite an ambitious piece, a life size dancing figure surrounded by a collection of ceramic cats. What excited me about making the work was the fact that I was experimenting with structure, space, objects and colour. I tried to bring together these elements to create an amusing hybrid being."
The Rebel: What was the last exhibition you saw that inspired you? Sohrab "Perhaps an obvious choice, I would have to say the 2013 Biennale in Venice, parts of which were really fantastic. I also enjoyed and found inspiration in the recent Bronze show at the Royal Academy and the Postmodernism show at the V & A."
The Rebel: Does the best art come from looking at nature? Sohrab: "Yes, a huge amount of brilliant artwork is inspired by or abstracted from nature. Many have said that art is merely the imitation of nature. Art can come from looking at the man made. Pollock famously said "I am nature". The Rebel: What are your favourite books, plays, poems, songs and films? Sohrab: "I am currently reading Memories, Dreams, Reflections by Jung which I am enjoying. I like William Carlos Williams poems, African music and the film North by North West."
The Rebel: What parks or streets or places in London do you like to walk in - what are your favourite buildings in London?" Sohrab: "I like to walk in Hyde park and Kensington Gardens, Hampstead Heath. Probably an obvious choice but I would say St Pauls Cathedral."

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