Friday 24 October 2014

"The Four Tates" painting by Harry Pye with Marcus Cope

This poster of The Four Tates painting is currently on display in Pimlico Tube Station. The painting was designed by Harry Pye and painted by Pye with lots of help from Marcus Cope. The painting was made for a competition to design an image for the Tate Staff Hand Book. Every single person who works at either Tate Modern, Tate Liverpool, Tate Britain, or Tate St Ives will receive a free copy of the book. Thanks to Laura Wright, (the CEO of Tate Enterprises) Pye & Cope were able to celebrated being announced as the winners last week with a nice bottle of champagne.
Above: "Cheers" says Harry
Above: "Cheers" says Marcus.
The man responsible for getting the poster of The Four Tates in the tube station is hard working Ben Moore (See photo above). Mr Moore has also curated an accompanying exhibition at The Framer's Gallery of Windmill Street. The exhibition is called "The Art Below Group Show" and it runs until the end of October. Artists featured in the show include: Victoria Perry, Nadia Lee Knight, Will Tuck, and Nadine Talalla.

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