Wednesday 21 October 2015

Making a video for "Is David Bowie Happy?"

The Nation's number one video makers Team Beswick & Pye have begun work on a promo for an exciting single called "Is David Bowie Happy?" by the amazing Mikey Georgeson. The song was produced by the fantastic David M Allen and features a lovely sax solo by the wonderful Paul Speare. The video will feature paintings of Bowie by Gordon, Harry and Mikey PLUS some special guest appearances from the beautiful young dudes: Erica, Freya, and Poppy...
ONE: "Is David Bowie Happy?" I bet he's feeling Hunky Dory.
TWO: Freya Stardust
THREE: Let's Dance
FOUR: The Poppy who sold the world
FIVE: Heroes (Erica works her magic).
Above: InThe Studio with Team Beswick & Pye

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