Monday 9 November 2015

Harry Pye C.V.

Above: 6th Former
A student of Winchester School of Art From 1992 to 1995. And then from 1995 to 2000 Harry Pye was the editor and publisher of 20 issues of "Frank Magazine"
Post 2000 c.v "Born To Run: The Story of The Frank Organisation" a 30 minute documentary by Gordon Beswick & Harry Pye is screened over four successive Sunday evenings at The Reliance Bar in Shoreditch. Each evening included a performance from Adrian R. Shaw. "Frank 2000: London Talking" (publication launched at "Funny" an exhibition curated by Peter Harris at The Andrew Mummery Gallery. "It May Be Rubbish But It's British Rubbish"
An exhibition in Glassbox, Paris in May. Featuring more than a dozen artists including Eilidh Crumlish, Christopher Owen, Bruce McLean, Hadrian Piggott, Johnny de Veras, and Adrian R. Shaw. A month later the show takes place at The Stark Gallery in South London and is previewed in The Guardian Guide.
Moving Targets 3
The Bart Wells Gang The A to B of Culture "Why Bother?"
"That's Andy, A Guide To Warhol" Flora & Fauna Fun & Friends Yogurt "White, Middle Class Men"
Viva Pablo
"Pippa: The Magazine For Depressed Women Published By Men" "I'm Shy" 100 Mothers
Slim Volume Dolare
Harry Pye & His Friend's Personal Organsier & Yearbook 2005 "How Men Are" exhibition
Above: P.V. of "How Men Are" exhibition (2007). (Below) 2008: “Sleepless In Sao Paulo” at Thomas Cohn, Sao Paulo (Solo Show)
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