Thursday 21 July 2016

Let Us Unite

Just over 9 months ago Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of The Labour Party. In that time The Labour Party put anti austerity on the National agenda, got two thirds of party members to vote "Remain", won several by-elections and increased their majority, patched things up with the Fire Brigade Union, forced The Conservatives to do a U-turn on their dodgy Prisons deal in Saudi Arabia, made the government reverse their plans to make over 4 billion pounds cuts to welfare, and won 4 Mayoral elections. And, thousands of new people have become members. These achievements came about through those on the left of the party and those on the right of the party and those in the middle all working together.
Today Jeremy Corbyn made the following statement... "I say to Labour MPs quite simply this - I’ve been in Parliament a very long time. I’ve seen lots of leaders. I’ve seen them come and I’ve seen them go. There is a huge amount of talent on the Labour benches. We are part of but not the entirety of the Labour party and the Labour movement. And I hope that those that may not agree with me politically, may not even like me personally - I find that hard to believe, but there are some people apparently who don’t like me - I hold out the hand of friendship to them all, because come September when this election is done and dusted, there will still be a Tory Government in office, there will still be grotesque levels of inequality in our society, there will still be whole parts of this country that are left-behind Britain. It’s the job, it’s the duty, it’s the responsibility of every Labour MP to get behind the party at that point and put it there against the Tories about the different, fairer kind of Britain that we can build together. I appeal to them to work together to put that case forward, because we owe it to the people that founded this party, that support this party, the half-million who give their money and their time to help this party survive and strengthen and grow. I hope they will recognise that and come on board."

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