Wednesday, 1 February 2017

"Isle of Capri" by Francis Macdonald & Harry Pye (taken from their debut album "Bonjour")

"Isle Of Capri" is a song from "Bonjour" - a new album by Francis Macdonald and Harry Pye. Francis Macdonald is a musician, producer and composer. ( Harry Pye is an artist, writer and director of The Mainstream Gallery. ( The album "Bonjour" will be released in Japan/Asia via Hostess - The album will then be released in the rest of the world by Shoeshine records. To whet your appetite, go on You Tube and search for "Francis Macdonald and Harry Pye Isle of Capri."
Both photos of Francis & Harry were taken by Gordon Beswick. The album sleeve was designed by Tom Scott.

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