Sunday 16 April 2017

Eggs 11 show at The Mainstream Gallery

"Eggs Eleven" (currently showing at Ramsgate's Mainstream Gallery) Press Release...
Just as the dairy industry is dependent on rape, eggs are the result of a process of eugenics, ethnic cleansing and extermination on a global scale. Of course, other than a few guilt-stricken and sickened individuals and pressure groups, the human race does not care. Why? Because we deem ourselves the superior species? Because we are made in God’s image? Or is it because those beasts are nameless, and therefore hold no sentimental value for us? Is it because the chicks that are refused the gift of life are so far beyond number they simply, if ironically, don’t count? These questions - of the nazification of the food industry, of Man playing God, of the billions of animals tortured and slaughtered for our nourishment and delight - have been flowing through my mind like a river of screaming vomit, but it is only upon seeing “Eggs 11”, with these life-deprived chicks caged dead in their shells, that I saw our mindless, heartless, casual cruelty crystallised. Seeing the often-childlike daubs decorating or desecrating these innocent eggs - bringing to mind the brutality of babes, the mercilessness of minors - imposing human values (of art, of humour) in an inhuman manner on a non-human entity, I wept. “Eggs 11” is a show that asks more questions than it can ever answer. This show compels you to confront yourself, to emerge naked from your own conformist shell and examine your value system. Or are you chicken?
Text by Paul Hamilton
First Photo: Egg decorated by Arthur Davies Evitt Second Photo: Artist Lee Edwards holding an egg decorated by Buffy Cook
Third Photo (above): Egg decorated by James Lawson Fourth photo (below) Dinosaur egg by Mafruha Ahmed
Fourth photo: Egg decorated by Bronte Jones.
Fifth Photo: Egg decorated by Lee Edwards

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