Thursday 26 September 2019

David Devant at The 100 Club with Simon Love

The 100 Club on Oxford street is my favourite music venue and David Devant & His Spirit Wife are my favourite live act. My favourite new album of 2018 was by Simon Love. Last night I saw Devant at the 100 club supported by Simon Love and surprise, surprise I had a fantastic evening. Devant have featured in The Rebel before. If you want a bit of background info on these chaps then have a look here. Last night Devant opened with Pimlico. They played great versions of oldies such as, Gentleman Jim, and Everything Fits Into Place. They possibly peaked with an epic version of One Track Mind but the most pleasant surprise of the evening was their new material! He's A Bit Of A Rake, Here I Am (a.k.a "I Remember"), Data Streams, were all totally FAB and, as you'd expect, the crowd went wild.
On Wednesday the 11th of December, Devant are playing like at The Water Rats, near King's Cross. According to fliers being handed out last night - a new Devant album entitled, "Cut Out and Keep Me" will be available to buy on the night. I know what I want for Christmas :)
It was great to hear Simon Love play a couple of songs from his well received album (see above) and his new songs were sounding great too. Simon also played a delightful cover version of a song by The Purple Mountains called, 'That's Just The Way I Feel'. The song was written by musician and poet, David Berman, who sadly committed suicide in August of this year. Have a listen to Berman's track here. One of my favourite musicians of all time is Alex Chilton. I remember once a journalist asked him if it bothered him that his records didn't sell in their millions and trouble the charts. Chilton replied with a shrug and a smile and then said, "Ah well, they all sound like hits to me!" I feel I must say that Simon Love and David Devant are both making brilliant new music at the moment, they are exciting to be around and their songs definitely sound like hits to me.

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