Friday, 11 October 2019

Through the Large Glass (October 2006)

Looking back at a show curated by Stephanie Moran and Marcus Cope that took place at Bethnal Green's Three Colts Gallery in October 2006.
"A group exhibition of about twenty artists on the theme of 'Marcel Duchamp meets Lewis Carroll' or 'Rrose Selavy meets Alice' - the first meeting point being games, particularly chess, through Duchamp's love of chess and punning word games and the importance of playing cards and chess in Carroll's Alice books. The other juncture is invention - Rrose Selavy as Duchamp's female alter ego and in herself a pun, connects with Alice's favourite phrase - 'let's pretend'. From the makers of "The Circus Show" comes a surreal extravaganza of make-believe, fantasy, invention and role play.The exhibition will feature opening night performances, paintings, installations, sculptures and more.Dare you step "Through The Large Glass"?"
Players: Jonathan Baldock, Alex Bowen, Dana Brintz, Ruth Calland, Toby Clarkson, Marcus Cope, Sohrab Crews, The Crisps, Sarah Doyle (pictured below)
Martin Dukes, Tom Eastop, Jennifer Harding, Jackson Webb, Kate Lyddon,
Stephanie Moran, Oscillatorial Binnage, Klarita Pandolfi, (standing next to Harry Pye's Magician painting)
Elaine Parry, Harry Pye, Kes Richardson, Geoff Ridgen, Dai Roberts, Mimei Thompson, Jonathan Waller, Chris Weaver, Dan Wilson
Above: photo of Barry Thompson and Marenka Gabeler
Above: photo of Marcus Cope taking a photo of me taking a photo of him
Above Tom Eastop wearing a green top.
Above: Two lovely people - Russell Walker and Tom Scott give the thumbs up to a painting by Harry Pye & Rowland Smith called, 'You Lose Again Pye'
Above: The Little Artists who were big on talent
Above: First bad photo of Tom Eastop's impressive sculpture
Above: My second bad photo of Tom Eastop's impressive sculpture
Above: Geoff Lucas, Harry Pye, Eilidh Crumlish
Above: Claire Smithson
Above: Kes Richardson and Chris Coombes lurk in the background
Above: Julian Wakeling and Chris Coombes
Above: An unflattering photo of Russell Herron
Above: Mark Jackson

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