Wednesday 20 July 2022

 Last night was the opening party of Le Document magazine's first ever Print Fair at Fitzrovia Gallery. The evening was sponsored by E1 Brew Co and a splendid time was had be all!

Above: Anthony from E1 Brew Co.

Above: Artists Cristina Calvache and Olga Suchanova

Above: The musician Andrew Petrie

Above: Martina L poses next to work by Andrew Wyatt
Above: The photographer Max Reeves with the printmaker Vanessa Winch

Above: The artist Andrew Wyatt

Above: Artist Cristina with Tate Legend Sally Ferguson

Above: Esteemed printmaker Loretta Wall
Above: Amazing artist Angela Johnson previews a new video she's directed.
Above: Artist Simon Ould

Above: Artist Sandra Turnbull & pals.
The next set of photos were taken by Peter Tainsh...
Above: Turnbull and Pye paying tribute to Bjork 
Above: Oliver

Above: Simon mansplaining 
Above: Happy people
Above: The artist Raksha Patel

Above: Corey with the artist James Lawson

Fitzrovia Gallery is open every day from 12 till 6pm

The next batch of photos are from Loretta Wall 

Above: "Tunnels beaches" Linocut and stitch on Japanese paper
17cm x 20cm £95 Artist: Loretta Wall

Above: Corey Samuel 

Above: Vanessa Winch and Loretta Wall

Above James Lawson vogues in front of a print by Lucy Jagger

Above: Gordon Beswick and Corey Samuel

 behind them on the wall are marigold gloves by Tinsel Edwards

Lots of lovely people night including; Gordon Beswick, James Lawson, Sukie Smith, Eva Tait, Raksha Patel, Richard Cabut, Martina Larsson, Billy Childish, Alice Herrick, Sasha Bowles, Nick Revell, Cristina Calvache, Andrew Bailey, and Corey Samuel.

Above: work by Olga Suchanova

Turnbull and Tosic

Above Simon Ould mansplaining 

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