Thursday 27 October 2011

Joffe & Pye at The Other Art Fair

The Rebel Magazine will be playing a small part in a special art project that will be taking place at The Other Art Fair in The Barge House on the Southbank. ("The Bargehouse is an impressive 4 Storey warehouse within the famous Oxo Tower")
"Harry & Jasper's 99p Shop" will be on four four days...

The private view is on Thursday the 24th November (5pm till 9pm)
The Fair is then open again on Friday the 25th (11am - 7.30pm), Saturday the 26th (11am - 6pm) and Sunday the 27th (11am - 6pm).

The idea behind the project is that no matter how broke and recession hit you are there's still a chance you can become an art collector. Harry Pye and Jasper Joffe are making 99 artworks that are in editions of 99 and will be available for 99p. So even if you're down to your last pound coin you will be able to buy an art work (and even get a penny change).

(Above Jasper and Harry photographed by Aleksandra Wojcik)

Joffe & Pye have been busy making collages, prints, photos, sculptures. All sorts of things will be available (masks, medals, shuttlecocks etc)- they've even produced blood, sweat and tears for this show all of which will be available to buy for just 99p. There will also be a special 99p issue of The Rebel (in a limited edition of 99 obviously)

Cass Arts ( are sponsoring the project. Jasper & Harry are also getting a lot of support from photographer Aleksandra Wojcik. More info about The Other Art Fair will follow shortly in the mean time feast your eyes on some of Aleksandra's photos of Harry in his kitchen learning how to make "99p Harry Face biscuits" and "99p Joffebread men".

Find out more about Aleksandra Wojcik here:
Find out more about Jasper Joffe by going here:

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