Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Artwork for Micko Westmoreland's "Yours ETC Abc" album

A new album by Micko Westmoreland called "Yours Etc ABC" is being released on Landline Records this September. Ian McDonnell designed the album sleeve - I think he's done a great job. On the front there is a cropped version of a Harry Pye & Kes Richardson painting from 2009 called "Every Relationship Comes With a Clock Attached." The album has a gate fold sleeve - so when you open the album you see a brand new Team Beswick & Pye painting of Brian Jones in his swimming pool. And on the back cover there's a painting based on Robert De Niro (as Rupert Pupkin in The King of Comedy).
Micko Westmoreland is best known for his role as "Jack Fairy" in Todd Haynes' Bafta award winning film Velvet Goldmine. In 1998 he signed to Interscope Records under the moniker The Bowling Green. and released two albums of Drill'n'bass electronica: "One Pound Note" album (1998) and "Fabrication" (2003). Impressively NME magazine awarded Micko "Single of the Week" 3 times. Having decided to change direction completely by abandoning dance music and writing songs with lyrics instead he signed to Terry Edwards's Sartorial records and released "Wax & Wayne" under his own name in 2009. "Yours ETC Abc" has been a long time coming. I'm looking forward to the launch party at The A-Side B-Side Gallery in Hackney. The album features guest musicians including Mark Bedford (of Madness)and Mickey Gallagher (of The Blockheads). Style wise the music is 1966 meets 1980. Micko writes very well constructed songs. His album deserves to do very well indeed.
Image Above: Micko with Ian McDonnell
Image Above: Micko with Team Beswick & Pye

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