Thursday, 14 May 2015

Great times at Brattwell Recordings/Lightship95 Studio

Yesterday Team Beswick & Pye climbed aboard Lightship95, a recording studio on a ship, permanently moored at Trinity Buoy Wharf, East London. They were there to drink tea and document the recording of "Revolution" by The Spamned and extra special guest Neil Innes. The footage will be screened at a Beatles themed charity event in aid of House of Fairy Tales.
One: Scabies at The 02
Two: The cat in the hat
Three: Micko in the studio
Four: The Spamned
Five: Ship Ahoy
Six: Rat and Rory at the controls
Seven: Praying "It's Gonna Be All - Right"
Eight: Rat Reading
Nine: "If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao"
Ten: Gordon "Cameraman" Beswick
Eleven: "The Pye's The Limit"
Twelve: "All - Right"
Thirteen: Bit of a Blur
Fourteen: The Inspirational Mr Innes
Fifteen: "Nothing like a nice cup of tea"
Sixteen: Neil and Kevin. ------------------- The Spammed (A.K.A. Scabies, Eldon, Westmoreland, Panter) have also recorded a cover of The Clash classic "Tommy Gun." The track will appear on a compilation CD called "Specialized 4: Combat Cancer" which is sold in aid of The Teenage Cancer Trust. More news soon.

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