Monday 14 September 2015

Photos from Micko Westmoreland's "Yours ETC Abc" album launch party

Artists Barry Thompson and Liam Scully.
Catherine A Side B Side Gallery and her helpers.
A painting of Bowie by Mikey Georgeson
Ranking Mikey in front of a painting of The Beat by Team Beswick & Pye
Micko Westmoreland performs "Everyone's talking 'bout Pop Muisc!"
Mikey Georgeson sings "You Shine A Light"
Lovely Deborah
Lovely Georgie
Lovely Geraldine
Lovely Martin Brown
Lucky Julian gets a kiss off sexy Derek
Mr Spizz
Lovely Sukie
Lovely Mervyn
Lovely Paul in front of Rowland Smith's Yoko painting
Lovely Sarah Doyle
Lovely Hugh Mendes and friends
Lovely Robert
Lovely Sandra
Congratulations to Micko Westmoreland
Lovely Julie
Lovely L.A. Woman
The new album by Micko Westmoreland is available from Landline Records

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