Wednesday 16 September 2015

Respect to Jeremy Corbyn

The rise and rise of Jeremy Corbyn is a source of great joy for me. I feel more hopeful and optimistic about The Labour Party and what they can achieve than I have in 20 years. More than 400,000 voted in the recent leadership election and Corbyn won by a landslide. In the last three days he's attracted 30,000 new people to become Labour party members. At the recent TUC conference in Brighton he said: "The values that people bring to joining the party and the party brings to them have to be things that we fight for every single day. I want the unions and the Labour Party to work together to win people over to the basic values we all accept, to change minds and change politics so that we can have a Labour government, we can look in a different direction, we can look away from the policy of growing inequality." I like the new Corbyn shadow cabinet and that there are now an equal number of female politicians as male. I like the fact there is now a Shadow Minister for Mental Health, and I like the fact he's changed Prime Minister's Questions by allowing Labour members a say in what gets asked. The Mail, Sun and most other papers have been doing their best to attack and ridicule him but his ever growing number of supporters are fighting back.
The Battle of Britain took place 75 years ago and it's right that we remember those who were wounded or lost their life defending future generations. Labour's new leader Jeremy Corbyn attended a special ceremony at St Pauls yesterday because he felt the heroism of the RAF in the Battle of Britain was something we all owe an enormous debt of gratitude. Corbyn's mother served as an air raid warden and his father was in the Home Guard. He said: "Like that whole generation, they showed tremendous courage and determination to defeat fascism." After the service, he said it had made him think of his mother and "the ARP [air raid precautions] medal she was given". However J.C. has been attacked in the media for not singing "God Save The Queen" which they claim is both offensive and unpatriotic. Below Harry Leslie Smith used twitter to defend J.C.
On Facebook others have made a different point:
It's also worth remembering that if their editor is a tax dodger - The Daily Mail aren't really in a position to say who is and isn't loyal to Britain!
And finally, the people who buy the tabloids should remember it wasn't that long ago the same press people were hacking into the phones of The Royal Family - how far from respectable behavior can one get?

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