Saturday, 6 August 2016

Photos from opening night of "Life of Pye" show at Studio One

Above: A painting made in collaboration with Hugh Mendes
Above: Frostie (painted by Harry Pye and Emma Coleman)
Above: Fanny Janssen with "The Fanny Janssen Photo Album"
Would you Adam and Eve it?
Above: Becky with her free greeting card
Above: Tracey, Frost & Nixon
Above: Paula and pal
Above: Having a fag
Above:A shocked Charlie and Tori
Above: Ivan, Adam and Eve
Above:Bryan Ferry
Above:"Harry Pye"
Above:Julian Wakeling with Dubeffet sculpture
Above: Harry "Weird Nightmare"
Above: Harry Pye and Paul Hamilton
Above: Tate Mates attempting to recreate the poses from the 4 Tates painting behind them
Above: Uliana and Micko
Above: Ivan, Harry, Caroline
Above:Barry Thompson in front of "Fallen Angel"
Above:Garden Party
Above: Paul Hamilton talking to Micko Westmoreland.
The Life of Pye show is open Sunday 7th Aug, Sat 13th Aug, Sun 14th Aug, Sat 20th August from 12pm till 6pm. On Sunday the 21st of August the gallery will be open from 12pm onwards and there will be a special closing party from 6pm till 9pm)

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