Monday 22 August 2016

Yet more photos from "Life of Pye" private view / closing night

Above: "Come on in..."
Above: Tori in the Richard Hamilton bar area
Above: White Album Collage
Above: John and Jackson
Above:Hard working Gordon Beswick
Above:Rebecca with "Weird Nightmare"
Above: Free Cards designed by Erica and Harry
Above: More Free cards...
A card that says "Woof"
Above:Fanny J and friend
Above:Uliana with Panda
Above: Lovely Jo and marvellous Magda
Above: Happy people
Above: Collaboration with Lucky Luke Gottelier (the only work in the show to feature indoor fireworks)
Above: Martin - the cat in the hat
Above: Sandra, Adam and Eve
Above: Lovely Sandra. The framed b&w collages are from a series called "Elvis Presley in Poland" made in collaboration with Cian Quayle.
Above: Sandra takes a photo of a collaboration with Marcus Cope (Har Ray is also in sight)
Above:On the stairs
Above: Eva with "These Foolish Things" - a collaboration with Adrian R. Shaw
Above: A "Rip It Off Me" badge has become the very button of fashion
Above: Kind Mr Hind
Above: A nice blurry shot of Pye and his poster
Above: Studio One has a great new show coming up curated by Mel Cole. Miss it and miss out.

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