Tuesday 31 July 2018

The Harry Pye Awards at The A Side B Side Gallery

The Harry Pye Awards is coming soon to The A-side B-side Gallery, 352 Mare Street, Hackney, London, E8 1HR
Amongst the names rumoured to be finally receiving the recognition they deserve are singer/songwriter Simon Love and banjo playing legend Ritchie Lamy.
We can confirm that the brilliant Sukie Smith will not only be accepting a special award but also performing two songs live. Everyone who comes to see this unique event is a winner as they will get to see fourteen works by fourteen exceptional artists; 1) Harry Adams,
2) Gordon Beswick,
3) Martin Brown,
4) Sohrab Crews,
5) Mikey Georgeson,
6) James Lawson,
7) Lee Maelzer,
8) Raksha Patel,
9) Raphael Pepper,
10) Rachael Robb,
11) Geraldine Swayne,
13) Sarah Sparkes,
and 13) Sandra Turnbull.
On Friday the 31st of August one of these nominees above will be going home with a Harry Pye Award for 'Best Painting or Print sponsored by Joffe Books'.
FIND: A-side B-side Gallery is located in Hackney central opposite Marks & Spencer TRAVEL: For public transport the closest station is: Hackney central station PARKING: Parking in the road near the gallery is restricted to dropping off & loading only. Or there is a Tesco car park nearby where you can park up to 1hr 30mins. The show will be put up at lunchtime on Wednesday the 29th August and taken down on 4th September at 6pm. MORE NEWS COMING SOON

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