Saturday 21 July 2018

The "Push The Boat Out" exhibition gift shop.

James F. Johnston's 'Wrapped Head' sculpture and the 'Harry Pye Skateboard' are just two of the astonishing bargains some lucky person will be able to buy from the gift shop at the upcoming Push The Boat Out show.
Push The Boat Out is a group show taking place at The Art Academy, 155 Walworth Road SE17 1RS (a 5 minute walk from Elephant & Castle tube). The exhibition features work by Gordon Beswick, Nicola Hicks, Corin Johnson, James F Johnston, Cedar Lewisohn, Morrissey & Hancock, Kate Murdoch, and Harry Pye.
Above: 'A Harry Pye Table Tennis Bat' Other bargains you'll be able to snap at up includ a 6 by 8 painting by James Johnston called, 'Ruins and Birds'
and this fun sized sailor by Harry Pye
YES! Go to the cash point now. More news soon.

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