Thursday 20 April 2023

60 Photos from the first day of The London Coffee Festival at the Truman Brewery

Gordon Beswick, Cristina Calvache, James Lawson, Harry Pye and Olga Suchanova were all delighted to be "Artists in Residence" at the 11th London Coffee Festival.
 The festival is open tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday. Tickets start at £21
Don't miss out.

Above: The artist Harry Pye
Above: Nana poses with a painting Harry Pye made in collaboration with Gordon Beswick called 'Can't Get Used To Losing You'

Above: Nice ladies enjoying a Gordon Beswick painting

Above: James Lawson getting some feedback on his paintings

Above: Nice lady smiling at Harry Pye paintings

Above: Mr James Lawson

Above: A nice man with splendid tattoos clutches a James Lawson print

Above: Nice lady looking at the work of Cristina Calvache

Above: Nice lady with some Pye paintings

Above: Nice man taking photos of Gordon Beswick paintings

Above: Two nice chaps pose next to a painting by Olga Suchanova

Above: 3 nice ladies with a painting of 2-Tone legends The Beat by Beswick & Pye

Above: Nice men who like the paintings of James Lawson

Above: Lawson fans

Above: Affordable prints by James Lawson

Above: A nice lady giving out free biscuits

Above: The people from Dappa who claim they can make thick, rich creamy ice cream from nuts"
Above: A nice man who appreciates Harry Pye's tribute to James Ensor.

Above: A lucky lady who was awarded a free Cristina Calvache badge

Above: Artworks by Cristina Calvache

Above: Fans of Olga Suchanova's Nocturne painting

Above: Gordon Beswick fans

Above: Nice lady who likes Gordon Beswick art

Above: A child being introduced to the work of James Lawson

Above: A nice lady looking at a James Lawson painting

Above: Nice ladies made happy by Harry Pye paintings

Above: Calvache fans
Above: A nice lady with an inexpensive print by James Lawson

Above: Painting by Olga Suchanova at funny angle

Above: the cat in the hat enjoys a painting called 'Can't Get Used To Losing You' by Team Beswick & Pye

Above: Painting by Gordon Beswick

Above: A lovely artist called Rosie Lovelock pointing at a painting by Harry Pye called 'Fantasy Football'

Above: A nice lady gets up close and personal with a drawing by Cristina Calvache

Above: A nice couple with the funsize version of Nocturne by Olga Suchanova
Above: A nice lady pondering the merits of the paintings by Pye

Above: Sunbeams painted by Gordon Beswick

Above: Happy young people posing with a Pye painting

Above: Nice man looking at work by Cristina Calvache

Above: 'Nothing Personal' painted by Harry Pye

Above: 'Masks' painted by Harry Pye

Above: A young man feasts his eyes on a painting by Gordon Beswick

Above: Painting by Olga Suchanova

Above: A nice lady reflecting on the virtues of Cristina Calvache artwork

Above: A happy young person who gives visitors free shots of Ginger standing in front of paintings by Gordon Beswick
Above: Nice lady in impressive suit admires a James Lawson painting
Above: Beautiful Beswick artworks
Above: Tasteful paintings by James Lawson

Above: Harry meets Victoria

Above: Victoria gets Harry to draw on the wall

Above: Harry meets the nice man from 'AKTION MUSICK'

A nice lady who gave me free chocolates

Above: Nice people thinking about Pye portraits

Above: The work by Olga, Gordon, Cristina, Harry and James can be found on the first floor in the Soho section (S08) they are next to the bar.
Map of London Coffee Festival: HERE

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