Saturday 22 April 2023

The last day of the London Coffee Festival

This year's London Coffee Festival closes today. The festival's Artists In Residence are; Gordon Beswick, Cristina Calvache, James Lawson, Harry Pye, and Olga Suchaanova. 

Above: Affordable prints by James Lawson are looking for a home

Above: A visitor grabs one of Team Beswick & Pye's Elelphant & Castle screen prints.

Above: James Lawson's artwork making people happy

Above: Olga Suchanva hanging her work

Above: Visitor taking a close look at Cristina's artwork

Above: Pye paintings of Nookie Bear and The Beat

Above: Fans of Gordon Beswick paintings

Above: This CMYK screen print by Harry Pye and Gordon Beswick could be yours for just £40

Above: A rather serious fellow in hat infront of 'Masks' by Harry Pye

Above: Nice chaps

Above: Cheers!

Above: Good bean Cristina

Above: Wall of doodles

Above: Cristina Calvache: 'Gadgets resting on a tree at Cheshunt Lake (Lost & Found nÂș10)'. 42x29.7cm. Digital print in 250gsm of recycled paper. Edition of 5. £70

Above: Another fan of Mr Beswick's painting

Above: Close up on Olga's amazing Nocturne painting

Come to level one's Soho section and feast your eyes on the fab art of Olga, James, Harry, Gordon and Cristina. For more info on the festival click: HERE

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