Thursday 27 April 2023

Chaz Jankel in the studio with The Spammed

Chaz Jankel and Ian Dury co-wrote classics such as; 'Sweet Gene Vincent', 'Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll', and 'Hit Me With Your Rythmn Stick'. Aside from The Blockheads, Chaz has collaborated with everyone from Quincy Jones to Sly & Robbie to Robbie Williams. Yesterday Mr Jankel had another reason to be cheerful - he was invited to spend a day with the studio with The Spammed recording a track for the next Specialized CD compilation ('Punk Pioneers: The Roots of Punk')

(Above: Singer Kevin Eldon, Guitarist Micko Westmoreland, Producer Chaz Jankel, Guitarist Paul Cuddeford, Drummer Rat Scabies, Keyboardist Micky Gallagher, Bass player Horace Panter, and Sax player Terry Edwards.)

Specialized is a musical community that was created in 2012 to raise funds to improve the lives of teens and young adults with cancer or who are living in difficult circumstances. The Specialized Project brings together amateur and professional musicians with the shared goal of creating musical projects for cancer research and support agencies, particularly The Teenage Cancer Trust, The National Foundation for Youth Music and Tonic Music for Mental health. They’ve done this by the production of themed albums supported by live music events across the UK. The two main organizers of The Specialized Project are Paul Willo and Paul Ayriss. The albums they’ve put out over the last decade have raised over £100,000.

To find out more about the project visit:

(Above: Rat, Kev, Micky, Terry, Paul, Chaz, Horace and Micko recreate the photo on the back of The Blockhead's Do It Yourself L.P.)

The Spammed (whose original line-up was put together by Harry Pye and Micko Westmoreland) have appeared on every single one of the Specialized Cover Version compilations – these albums included tributes to acts such as; Bob Marley, The Clash, Madness, The Beat, and The Rat Pack.

(Above: Kev, Micko and Chaz)

Yesterday The Spammed were delighted to work with extra special guests guitarist Paul Cuddeford (from Tony Visconti's band Holy Holy) and Blockhead keyboard legend Micky Gallagher. It was great to be in the legendary recording Premises studio in Hackney watching these talented chaps record a cover of ‘Louie Louie’ for the next 4 Disc Specialized CD  “Punk Pioneers:The Roots of Punk Rock

Read Harry's interview with Chaz about his Glad To Know You anthology: HERE

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