Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Introducing Myrddin Wooding

135 artists are taking part in "Inside Job" which takes place on the 7th and 8th of April on Level 6 of Tate Modern. Over the next few weeks The Rebel Magazine will be chatting to some of the Tate staff who are showing their artwork. Right now everyone is talking about Myrddin Wooding
Q) Where did you grow up and what kind of education did you receive? "I grew up in the South West of England in the beautiful city of Bath. I'm incredibly grateful for the education I received & the teachers that gifted it to me, something I feel you only realise retrospectively. I was lucky across all levels, from an idyllic Church of England primary school in the country-side, through to a former grammar turned state all boys secondary school & 6th form, to an exceptionally diverse and well resourced arts college in the city centre. I studied my BA Graphic Design degree at University of the Arts London, Camberwell College of the Arts and graduated in 2015. I suppose in a lot of respects I've had a taste of varied educational institutions & environments and can say it has only strengthened my character and reinforced my respect, tolerance and compassion for others."
Q) How long have you been working at the Tate and what's the best show you've seen there?
"I've been working for Tate as a Visitor Assistant for just under a year so I fear my time here has been far too short to give a fair response, but if you had to ask me, which you have, I'd say Wolfgang Tillmans in 2017."
Q) What can you tell me about the work you're exhibiting in the Tate Modern show? "Only The Brave stems from my appreciation of the mundane and absurd, intimate moments dually subjectively universal & infinitely personal. My process is driven by subversive appropriation of subject & context whilst obeying modernist design principles and composition using software and digital techniques to touch the sublime. If you like my work please feel free to get in touch."
Q) How can people find out more about your work - do you have a website or do Instagram? "I'd love for people to check out my graphic design portfolio at: To look at my more conceptual university work go to: For Rapture-Arts click on and in between the clouds to see the work. Please get in touch if you like my work, always open to collaboration and freelance."
Q)What's the best thing about working at Tate? "Having the opportunity to absorb every last piece of art work on display goes with out question as one of the best things, but I'd also have to say being part of an incredibly talented & hard working team that always makes you feel supported tops even that. On a personal level my favourite part of the job is getting to interact, experience & observe people from all walks of life; all the facets of humanity that visit Tate everyday constantly reinforce my belief that at the end of the day, despite our shortcomings we are a good people with good hearts."
Q) Is there anything you have to declare / do you have a favourite quote, thought or joke you'd care to share? "Death to the second-handers, avalanches for avarice."

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